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RadTeamSim.Route V1.png


Field Monitoring Team Route Focused Simulation

RadTeamSim.Route is the first of a suite of software being developed to support training and drills for the radiological response community.  The software provides a customizable and focused simulation that allows response jurisdictions to enhance training for those teams who will be performing important technical survey and sampling procedures throughout radiation incident response. In the current version, it allows users to upload a set of simulated radiation translation files (Radiation Services offers this as a service upon request) to import the radiation readings into the simulation. For example, an atmospheric model can be used to create a simulated radiological scenario ground truth for a nuclear power plant release using the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s (NRC’s) Radiation Assessment System for Consequence Analysis (RASCAL) software ( Furthermore, tools such as RadResponder’s ( simulation capability can be leveraged to create a simulation file that can then be used to obtain distinct values for each location in RadTeamSim.Route.

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