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RadTeamSim.Flight is an open world flight simulator that can be used seamlessly alongside RadTeamSim.Route.  Users can fly anywhere in the world and map out simulated radiological contamination through the use of custom simulation files that Radiation Emergency Services can create for any desired event.

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Cesium Ion Integrated Graphics

Cesium Ion has been incorporated into the graphics for RadTeamSim.Flight.  Users will see the same geography (for all Cesium supported regions) as in the physical world. 

Second-by-Second Tracking

The entire flight simulation is tracked for each second of travel.  At the conclusion of the simulation, a CSV file is produced.  This file includes coordinates and exposure rate (corrected to 1 meter Above Ground Level) for the duration of the flight.

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Atmospheric Model Based Simulation Files

Science is at the heart of the radiation simulation included in the RadTeamSim echo-system.  All simulation files originate with an atmospheric model run or a simulation file solution shared from CBRNResponder users.  Contact us to learn about the source model requirements for the creation of custom simulation files.

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Fully Integrated with RadTeamSim.Route

RadTeamSim.Flight and RadTeamSim.Route leverage the same simulation file format.  Users can travel through both software solutions and collect radiological readings that can be leveraged simultaneously for response activities in drills and exercises, as well as preparations for a real-world disaster.

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