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RadTeamSim.Route Overview

RadTeamSim.Route Version 2 is now available in the Windows and Apple stores! 

RadTeamSim.Route can be used as a stand-alone training tool, or users can also opt to have only some teams using the system and others simultaneously driving the actual real-world routes in the same event and location.  This is how RadTeamSim.Route was used at the NREP conference in April of 2022.  This flexibility can be leveraged to enable a larger number of responders to participate in a drill, as typically the quantity is limited to numbers far lower than would be present for a real-world event. The graphic below showcases the view at the same location from Google Earth Pro compared to that of Version 1.0 of RadTeamSim.Route.  The player view in the simulation reflects the appropriate building locations and roads.  By comparing the images, it can be seen that the reality reflected in RadTeamSim.Route closely replicates the physical reality.  Additionally, the dose rate readings are scientifically the same whether in RadTeamSim.Route or in a physical car using a simulation file created for use in CBRNResponder.

Screen Shot 2022-07-25 at 9.38.45 AM.png

Further Information

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Scientific Details

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