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RadTeamSim.Route User Support

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We recognize that privacy is critical.  The link below outlines the privacy policy associated with our software.

User Manual

The link below will allow users to access the PDF user manual for RadTeamSim.Route.


Please reach out if you have any support needs or questions!

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Submit Bug Report

We hope to ensure the best possible user experience.  Please submit any bugs using the form link below so that we can address any issues as quickly as possible.


The goal of RadTeamSim.Route is to provide a valuable training solution for all users.  Please submit any desired feature change requests to us for possible future development.

Simulation File Creation Request

Simulation files can be customized for use in RadTeamSim.Route.  We currently can develop RadTeamSim.Route Simulation files from the following sources: 

1.  RadResponder Simulation files

2.  NARAC model runs

3.  RASCAL model runs

Please contact us regarding RadTeamSim.Route simulation file development from other model sources and for pricing. 

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Example RadTeamSim.Route Simulation Files

Contact us to gain free access to example simulation files from NREP 2022, CRCPD 2022, and I/ITSEC 2022!


Click the link below to access the End User License Agreement for RadTeamSim.Route

Points of Interest

RadTeamSim.Route simulations support end-user defined Point of Interest markers.  Instructions and a template file are available by clicking on the links below.

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