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Image by Ilja Nedilko

Exercises and Drills

Support is available to plan and create additional drills of any scale.

Additionally, drills are available remotely through using interactive virtual platforms and simulation methods to engage the training audience in a manner as similar to a traditional setting as possible.

Basic Drill

The drill package option can be designed based off of lessons learned from previous drills, from changes made following training (Federal or local), or it can be in preparation of other drills.  They can be partial day events, or full day sessions as well.

Advanced Drill

The advanced drills will combine multiple areas and topics to allow for greater interaction and practice.  On example would include field, lab, and dose assessor staff.  Another example could consider management staff, and some Federal interactions, as well as any other combination.

IPX or RRR Preparation Drill

These drills can be designed in conjunction with support for an overall graded exercise.  The primary purpose would be to support the planning and elements needed for the evaluated exercise dress rehearsal.

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